June 12, 2023

AC Working but Not Cooling?

Is your central AC not cooling your home down to the set thermostat temperature? Is it blowing warm air through the vents?

Is your central AC not cooling your home down to the set thermostat temperature? Is it blowing warm air through the vents? There is not much worse than your AC not working correctly on a hot summer day. Before calling in a professional there are several simple things that you can check yourself to rule out some of the small problems

1. Ensure that the thermostat is switched to “AUTO.”
If the thermostat is set to “ON” the unit will be blowing out air at a constant. This means that even when the system is not cooling, it is blowing out air which will be warm.
2. Check your air filter
If your air filter is dirty your system will have difficultly cooling down your home. The dirt build-up on the filter will restrict the airflow.
3. Inspect the outdoor unit
Check to make sure that the unit on the outside of your home is not dirty. If there is too much dirt and debris built up the unit cannot effectively get rid of the heat.
4. Check the circuit breaker
The majority of ACs have 2 circuit breakers. If the outdoor breaker tripped, the AC would still blow air inside, but the air will be warm and not cold.

If you have checked the above and have ruled them out, then it is time to call in a professional. There are several other larger problems with your AC system that can be causing it to not cool properly. Some of these include:
1. Leaking refrigerant.
If your system is low on refrigerant it will not be able to cool as it should. The refrigerant is what absorbs the heat so if there is not enough it cannot effectively cool the air. • Signs of a leak can include weak and/or warm air being blown through the vents, a hissing sound coming from the unit, frozen coils and an electricity bill increase

2. Broken condenser fan
• The condenser fan is what transfers the heat absorbed by the refrigerant to the outdoors. If this is not working the system cannot cool.
• A failed condenser fan can cause the unit to overheat resulting in further damage to the system.
• Signs of a broken condenser fan may be the fan not starting, the fan not stopping when the AC is off, the blades rotating slowly or are still, a humming or buzzing noise or the AC cutting in and out.

3. Broken compressor
• The compressor is the part of the AC system that circulates the refrigerant. If the compressor is broken the refrigerant is unable to move and the system cannot cool the air.
• Some signs of a failed compressor can be unusual noises from the outside unit, overheating, and leaking moisture around the unit. .

• Unfortunately, the compressor is an expensive part of the AC system therefore unless covered by warranty it may be a better option to replace the unit. Whether the issue with your AC is a small or large one HVAC-Group will get it diagnosed and back to working optimally in no time so you can enjoy the comfort of your central AC once again. HVAC-Group offers emergency services and fair, honest pricing. You can rest assured that your home and your AC is in good hands.


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