Specializing in custom ductwork installations for new and existing homes. HVAC Group ensures efficient and optimal temperature control.


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At HVAC Group, we specialize in custom ductwork installations. We handle forced air systems and all the installation that follows it for new and existing homes. Forced air systems use a system of ducts. Well laid out conduits ensure that your energy use is low and the internal temperatures of the house are optimal.

For all your ductwork installation Etobicoke and neighbouring regions, ensure that you have a team of qualified and certified technicians doing the work. Poor installation is a risk for you and your family. It can also cause future problems with your heating and ventilation system. Leakages in the ducts will ensure that pumped air is lost along the way. You have nothing to worry about this once you hire us.

Ductwork installation Toronto is a professional job that requires planning to execute it flawlessly. We ensure that we are not forcing the ducts into tight spaces sacrificing its integrity in the process. We also assist you in sizing and placement. Lastly, we seal the ductwork to perfection. We cannot explain more about the importance of hiring experienced technicians.

Installations force you to make tough choices about the materials to use. Common materials include fibreglass, plastics, and some specialized metals. Some ductworks use a combination of two or more materials. For example, fibreglass is a common ductwork material used as an insulator because it is a bad conductor of heat. If you are transporting heated air through ducts, you need good insulation.

Both forward and return ducts require the same level of technical installation for them to do their work correctly. New houses, remodels, and extensions need the ductwork. Even if you are adding a small room, consider getting a professional to do the ductwork for you. After all, you don't want to put pressure on the existing system by overloading it. You want to ensure that the system can handle the extended workload correctly.

Residents of Toronto, Etobicoke and GTA, should not worry about any custom remodel or any custom housing units that need ductwork installation of replacements. Customers love our transparent pricing model. We have made a deliberate effort of sticking to our budget so that we don't inconvenience you. We know that the remodelling project might cost more than you anticipated, but we want to ensure that we do our part to prevent that. We want your project to go on as planned.

It is a choice that we have always made to serve professionally and honestly. So far, we have maintained the mission, and we intend to keep it that way. And should you choose to give us your ductwork installation project GTA, we will have a chance to extend the same to you.

Give us a call at +1 (416) 807-2752 to talk to us.

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