January 4, 2024

Understanding Enbridge Red Tags in Mississauga

For homeowners or or business owners in Mississauga: understanding Enbridge red tags and how to address them

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Mississauga, understanding Enbridge red tags is crucial for maintaining the safety and compliance of your gas appliances and systems. Here, we'll delve into what Enbridge red tags are, why they are issued, and how to address them, especially focusing on services available in Mississauga.

What is an Enbridge Red Tag?

Issuance of Red Tags

Enbridge red tags are notices issued by licensed gas technicians when they detect a safety issue with your gas appliances or installation. These tags indicate a potential hazard and the need for immediate attention.

Reasons for Receiving a Red Tag

Common Causes

You might receive an Enbridge red tag for several reasons, including a gas leak, unsafe heating equipment, or non-compliance with the gas code book. These tags serve as a warning and a call to action to ensure safety.

Types of Red Tags: A and B

Understanding Tag A and Tag B

- Tag A:

Issued for immediate hazards. Gas supply will be turned off until the issue is resolved.

- Tag B:

Given for less severe issues. You are typically given a timeframe (usually 30-45 days) to fix the problem before the gas is shut off.

How to Clear Red Tags

Steps to Address the Issue

1. Hire a Licensed Gas Technician: It's essential to hire a licensed professional to inspect and repair the issue.

2. Repair and Compliance: The technician will repair the issue, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

3. Inspection and Clearance: After the repair, the technician will inspect the system again to confirm that it meets safety regulations, and then clear the red tag.

Hiring a Professional in Mississauga

Local Gas Contractor for Red Tag Issues

For residents in Mississauga neighbourhoods like Port Credit, Streetsville, Clarkson, Erin Mills, Meadowvale, Cooksville, Lorne Park, Square One Area, Lakeview, and Malton, HVAC-group offers services by licensed gas technicians who specialize in handling Enbridge red tag issues.


If you want to learn more about the Enbridge red tags and A and B types of safety violations, you can read about it at in this section of the Enbridge website.

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