June 11, 2023

Why Hire a Licensed HVAC Professional?

Once you become a homeowner regular maintenance and home repairs are unavoidable.

Once you become a homeowner regular maintenance and home repairs are unavoidable. Hiring professionals can become expensive and so it can be tempting to hire an unlicensed worker for a reduced cost or to do some research online and attempt a DIY. It is a huge mistake to do so especially when dealing with home repairs involving heating, cooling and ventilation. Not only can mistakes end up financially costing you more but it also is a matter of safety. For example, if a furnace is not installed or repaired correctly and up to code it can be a major risk for everyone who lives in your home due to hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning or fires.

Hiring licensed HVAC professionals will ensure that all the work done in your home is up to industry standards and regulations are complied with. No shortcuts will be taken, and installations and repairs will be done for the long-term instead of a “solution” which is only temporary. Licensed HVAC professionals undergo hours of training and must take examinations to test their knowledge and skills. Licenses must be renewed every few years so that they are up to date with regulation requirements. They are truly experts in what they do, and you can be much more assured that whatever work is carried out in your home will be quality work using the right type of materials and equipment. Furthermore, a proper inspection will be completed before and after the job.

There is no guarantee that an unlicensed contractor will be knowledgeable regarding regulations or have any kind of real training in heating, cooling and ventilation. This potentially can lead to much higher repair costs if you end up having to hire someone else after the fact to fix the mistakes they made. Even if the contractor had a license previously, it is much too risky. It is important that they have a valid license as regulations change and they need to be aware. It is much better to hire a licensed professional from the start to avoid any extra hassle. Unlicensed contractors are breaking the law by working without a formal certification and many of them do not have Workers Compensation which means that if anything were to happen to them while working in your home, you would be responsible.
As you can see, it is a real gamble to hire anyone other than a licensed HVAC professional. No responsible homeowner wants to take a potentially expensive repair and risk making it even more so. More importantly it simply is not worth taking a chance with the health and safety of the members of your household. If your home needs heating, cooling or ventilation repairs or installation be sure to call the professionals. Your mind will be much more at ease knowing that your contractor has the necessary qualifications and experience to get the job done right the first time!

When looking for a good HVAC company be sure to ask friends and relatives if they have any recommendations. Shop around, ask for references and ask questions. You should ask them about their warranties and how they guarantee the work they do. A good HVAC company will be happy to answer all your concerns.


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